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As the picture clearly depicts, we all are hearing more about ‘Data’ everywhere in our life, starting from the mobile data to the ‘Data’ that we are generating through many applications and various other forms. So, it has become more generalized and overused term in the 21st century.

OK! Which ‘Data’ are we talking about here? If you are the data or machine learning enthusiasts or the one who wants to understand the data from the basics, this blog is for you.

I think from the above statement, you would understand which data we are going to talk about here…

Here we are going to create a sticker using GrabCut algorithm from OpenCV library.

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GrabCut is an image segmentation method based on graph cuts. Starting with an user-specified bounding box around the object to be segmented, the algorithm estimates the color distribution of the target object and that of the background using a Gaussian mixture model(GMM).

What is GMM and How is it works?

A Gaussian mixture model (GMM) is a category of probabilistic model which assumes that the observed data is made up of a mixture of several Gaussian distributions. These individual distributions (referred to as mixture components) may be given different means and variances. They may also be given different mixture weights. It is basically here is used for clustering.

Meena Manogaran

Developer @ Renault| Big Data | Visualization | Love to play with ‘DATA’ and get intricated insights from it! | Data & ML Enthusiastic

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